SUMO is Big Commerce

Surprisingly Agile

We started as a web development company that created all types of online
experiences: from simple brochure-ware web sites to full marketing campaigns
to web applications. In the process we learned that eCommerce really needs its own
category in the creative, development, and marketing process.

SUMO Philosophy

  • We're happier people creating and developing outstanding eCommerce projects
  • eCommerce shouldn't be boring or stodgy: We believe that eCommerce deserves a big hug from creative.
  • We live and breathe the things that rock our world: Branding, Design, Development and Marketing.


Bart Mroz - SUMO Heavy Industries

Bart Mroz

bart at | twitter: bartmroz

Every business has a “suit”, and Bart is ours. Bart's the hub for all of our communication, and will be your primary touch point during our requirements gathering phase. Get to know him, get friendly with him. He's your key to getting what you want. Not only that, but he's a big guy and he's our bill collector. So seriously. This is a guy you want on your side.

Robert Brodie - SUMO Heavy Industries

Robert Brodie

robert at | twitter: bob_brodie

Businesses need to stay on task — that's where Robert comes in. Developers and artists often need help understanding each other, and Robert will make sure that your functions and pixels come together to deliver exactly what's on your mind. Mind reading is a tough job though, so keep those thoughts clean people.

John Suder - SUMO Heavy Industries

John Suder

john at | twitter: johnsuder

Our creative catalyst and the guy that makes the late-night napkin doodles into reality. John understands how business gets done — and he'll make sure it looks great too. Just don't ask him to __________. (He'll do anything for your site, but he won't do that.)